Nikki Robak Director of Art, Concept Design, Band Management, Public Relations A long time lover of the performing arts, Nikki Robak met the other members of Springwood Productions while taking classes at Harford Community College. Although she would not describe herself as a "film or audio kid," her past and present experiences with Springwood Productions have painted her love for the performing arts in a new media. Nikki has been involved in theatre since the age of 10, playing roles in various stage productions such as The Wizard of OZ, Oliver Twist, and The Little Shop of Horrors to name a few. Over the past 7 years, Nikki has also performed with bands throughout the south and midwest and has gained real-life experience in management and public relations. Yet, it is through set-design, wardrobe, and makeup that Nikki feels she truly expresses herself. With over ten years of experience in stage and set-design, Nikki's artistic eye adds an edge to the company and makes her a natural fit as Springwood's Director of Art.