Nathan Taylor Audio Technician, Lighting, Sound Design, Screenplay Nathan stumbled upon film at Harford Community College where he met the rest of the Springwood crew. His first interest being audio, it was only natural that he became the audio technician and director of sound design for the 2010 short film Awaiting Anamnesis. It is no shock that Nathan is behind the mixing board for Springwood's recording sessions either. His experience in radio since 2007, playing The Music You Love to Hear, and the Stuff You've Never Heard on 91.1WHFC; combined with a 2008 season as head audio engineer at Iron Birds TV, makes Nathan more than qualified for the job. However, although his talent as an audio engineer is undeniable; his true passion lies in writing screenplays and music. It is through his screenplays and musical compositions that Nathan provides a constant invitation into his brain. His enthusiasm and love for film and audio provides a passion that fuels Springwood Productions.