Recording and Mixing Engineer Larry Booth's accomplishments in the music production world are no small feat. Larry started writing music in 1981 and finally started the band Common Heart. In '83 Larry started traveling with bands. Finally in '87 he found his true passion in recording music. From the time he started until now he has worked in five different studios, three owned by Larry himself and even built a few in Savannah, Georgia. As well as Savannah, Larry has worked in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri and finally Havre De Grace, Maryland. Larry has worked with many musicians, some including Squad 5-O, Jay Sandefer, Mumble Lily, Lafayette, Common Heart, Holy Fire, Martus and Golgotha. Larry joined Springwood Productions to record Pieces of Mercury and has continued producing live sessions for the radio show "The Music You Love, and the Stuff You've Never Heard." Other accomplishments made by Larry includes starting a radio station with his brother-in-law, being involved with ministry for 29 years and leading worship for 14 years. Larry is now the Head Audio Engineer at Springwood Studio.