Jessica Garcia Audio Technician, Director, Cinematographer Jessica Garcia, founder of Springwood Productions, has been working with live sound for 20 years. It wasn't until the winter of 2009, however, that Jess would get her first taste of studio production with the soundtrack for the musical "Embrace". This award winning soundtrack provided her the future opportunity to work with numerous artists throughout Maryland, and just six months later Jess would record demos and EPs for ten artists! In the winter of 2010, Jessica would find a new passion in direction and cinematography through her experience with the short film "Awaiting-Anamnesis". The overwhelmingly positive response which the company received from the trailer of this short film has provided Springwood Productions many new and exciting opportunities. And so, Springwood Productions (a company previously devoted solely to audio recordings) would expand their focus to include short and feature films, music videos, and much more. Jessica's work-driven attitude combined with her many talents as an audio and film producer, director, cinematographer, etc. fuel the fire of her independent company. The advancements made in just one year are testament to the fact that Jessica Garcia and Springwood Productions are sure to go far and accomplish many great things!